a lovely and a frightening

'I feel so intensely the delights of shutting oneself up in a little world of one’s own, with pictures and music and everything beautiful.' --Virginia Woolf

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i am not here because i have no other choice.

i am not here because i am totally dependent on someone.

if i wanted to, i could pack up today and go move somewhere else. i have the resources.

i choose to be here.

i choose to be here because i choose to obey God, and i know beyond a doubt that this is where He wants me. it is the total antithesis of where i wanted to be—i mean, in every aspect! but despite all that it is still a good place, still a safe place, {inside obedience}.

i am not here to be self-righteous.

i am here to own my mistakes.

i am here to keep my eyes on God alone—not on the ones whom i am “depending” on, because i’m actually not depending on them. {that switches things around!}

i am here to obey God.

it takes “me” completely off the table. i am not walking on eggshells; i am here for however long He wants me to be and until He tells me to go, i will heed no other voice. 

and when i make this determination, i hear Him whisper in my ear, “I’ve got you, babe. you are safe with Me. do you trust Me? do you believe I will keep you safe? do not believe the lies or the father of lies.

You have nothing to fear.”

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I am not," proceeded Susan firmly, "going to lament or whine or question the wisdom of the Almighty any more as I have been doing lately. Whining and shirking and blaming Providence do not get us anywhere. We have just got to grapple with whatever we have to do whether it is weeding the onion patch, or running the government.
Rilla of Ingleside, by L. M. Montgomery (via a-lovely-and-a-frightening)

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